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December 3, 2019



      Heaven will flow onto the Earth through you, My children, but you must be prepared to throw open your doors and allow My love to flow into and through you and out to others.  My love shall be as a mighty river, flowing onto the Earth, through you.  This is the only way I can touch many who have turned from Me, through you, for they will recognize kindness and compassion.  Therefore, hold your tongue, and let the words of Heaven roll through you onto the Earth this day.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You might be tempted to be short with others around you.  You might be tempted to be harsh with yourself.  You might be tempted towards judgment.  You might be tempted to let ego rule, and therefore where you are Earth is profoundly present, the ways of the world live, and are strong and healthy.  But, if you will open the doors of your being, and permit the love of God to flow into and through you, then that which is of Heaven will come from you, and touch all around you with the healing gifts of kindness, and compassion, and understanding.  There will be no harsh retort, there will only be the gentle report of the love of God flowing onto the Earth.  Heaven is near to you.