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December 30, 2019



      The sweetest gift you can give to another is the gift of listening to what they say with your heart, to listen without interruption, to listen without correction, to listen without telling them what they should do, to listen.  And, in this space the words come freely, pouring forth from open wounds, which need healing, and the healing begins in the listening.  For the one who is wounded it is difficult to forgive, but in your position of a holy listener you can begin to forgive on their behalf, using the love on your heart as an ointment, spreading the balm of forgiveness until the wound begins to heal, and they can forgive on their own.  When presented the opportunity, give the gift of listening.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is often the case, in an exchange or a conversation, that the parties are more interested in what they are going to say in response, (than) to listening completely and fully to what is being said by another.  Stop and listen, for in this way you will grow in wisdom.  You will know the heart of another, and they will find comfort and safety in your presence.  The presence of a holy listener gives peace and comfort.