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December 30, 2020



      Know that you do not walk alone, for I AM with you.  I give you My Hand when the path is difficult, and you are unsteady.  Take that which I offer unto you, so that you might make your way with a gladdened heart.  I give you My Wisdom, in answer to your fervent prayers.  I give you Courage, in answer to your songs of despair.  I give you My Breath, and it resides within you.  Therefore, rise-up, and meet the new day, take My Hand, and make your way.  In Wisdom, and Courage, rise-up, and welcome the dawn, and the rising of the sun, for I have given unto you My Breath, to sustain you, as you make your journey, upon the Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hold onto the ways of the world, forsaking The Way of Light.  Do not wander, in darkness and shadow, when The Light is within you.  Shake the chains of the world from you.  As the shackles fall from you, so does fear, doubt, and any trace of weakness, for you have risen into The Light of God, where all is illuminated, so that you might see, and know The Way, clearly, as you walk.  I AM with you, and with you I shall stay.