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December 31, 2020



      Do not permit anything, of the world, to bring you to tremble, for My hand will reach-out to still the fear and chaos, all around you, and all that surrounds you will be at peace.  Do not permit anything, of the world, to bring you to tears, for My hand will reach-out, to push back the encroaching waves of threats and tragedy, and the seas, rising against you, will recede, and be calm.  Permit The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, which you carry within, to grow, blessing, all things, and all peoples, around you, with grace from Heaven, flowing from you.  Today, experience life upon Earth, as an eternal being, more powerful than that which the world musters before you.  Do not permit darkness and shadow to threaten a Child of God.  Do not permit fear and anguish to saddle a Child of God.  Remember who you are, and live in My Light, for I give it unto you, so you might know The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once you walk upon the Earth, as a citizen of The Kingdom of God, knowing you are visiting, but for a while, your life upon Earth will change.  You will stand in awe, and wonder, at The Glory of God’s Creation.  Your heart will sing of the magnificence of Mother Earth, as she responds to her Creator, by sustaining life, all life, which: sits in the rich valleys of her lap; climbs the towering peak of her back; and, is held, sleeping, and peaceful, within the embrace of her arms.  Mother Earth responds to every whisper, and utterance, of God, for she is God’s Creation, as are you.