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December 4, 2019



      If you have a map, and know how to get to a distant place, but you do not rise-up and go, then you deny yourself seeing that place, the experience of that place.  If you have a recipe for the most delectable cake, but you will not gather the ingredients to bake the cake, then you deny yourself the experience of tasting the cake.  If you know the words of holy writings, uttered by holy people, but you will not act upon the words, you deny yourself the experience of participating, and actively loving another person, beyond human standards.  Today, do not be satisfied with repeating words memorized long ago.  Today, set your intention to live the words I have spoken down through the ages, live them.  Do not hate another.  Do not be jealous of another.  Do not be greedy, denying another.  Love one another, no matter what, for you do not know the heart of those around you, unless you sit with them, and they pour-out their heart to you.  I know the heart of each of you, and I still say, love one another.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Many know how to do, but few do.  Very few rise-up and go and make the journey an adventure of a lifetime.  Do not let doubt, or fear, or worry keep you from fulfilling the vision, the glory, the mission that is yours.