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December 5, 2019



      The good parent does not do the child’s homework, but patiently leads the child, teaches the child, teaches the child how to pick-up the toys scattered about a room, teaches the child how to put-on their clothing; and soon, at the appropriate age, the child is taught how to help keep the home environment clean and healthy, by performing tasks and chores, as shown and taught by the good parent.  In this way, when the child goes out the door, and on their way into the world, they know how to study, how to dress themselves and keep themselves clean, and how to keep their environment clean, and neat, and healthy.  I AM your Good Parent, you are My child, if you will listen you will hear Me calling.  If you are open, you will receive My guidance, so that I might teach you all you need to know.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are not an accident.  You are on Earth for a reason, and one of the reasons you are here is to restore The Garden that is Earth to its rightful place, as it was intended to be, The Garden of Heaven.  It is you continuing God’s creation, taking care of it, keeping it clean.  Today listen, for you will hear The Whisper.  Open and receive the guidance and go forth to continue God’s creation of Earth.