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December 6, 2019



      Let all your days upon the Earth be days that you are willing to be in the present.  Oh, My child, resist strongly the temptation to be dragged back through the shadows and darkness of the past, for the past is done.  Bring what you have learned from the past to the present so that wisdom rules your present day.  Do not run into the future in your thoughts, thinking of this and that, that might come your way.  Be content to live the present day that is with you, for in this way your present day will be complete; and, with the wisdom of the past, and the comfort and contentment in the present you are preparing for the next step, the next day.  And, as you live in the present moment, I send angels to prepare The Way into tomorrow.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you will practice living in the present today, you might be surprised to see how often you are tempted to take the journey into yesteryear, or to wander with wonder about what is to come, about what will happen when the day is done, and you are walking into tomorrow.  You might be surprised to see how often you are living in the past, or the future, totally ignoring the glory of the present day with you.  Live today fully, and you will be prepared for tomorrow without grief, worry, or anxiety.  Be at peace in the presence of God this day.  Let all things be while you live in the present moment of eternity.