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December 6, 2020



      When you say, ‘yes,’ to My call, for you to rise to service, your response, affirming your intention, to move forward, and complete your mission, is sacred.  It is a bond between you and Me, which takes our connection, our communication, to another level.  You are actively participating, in something that I see, needs to be addressed.  And, your willingness, to take up this ‘mantle of responsibility,’ is also blessed.  But, My child, do not permit yourself to think that, once you say, ‘yes,’ everything falls into place easily, because that is not always the case.  With your answer, ‘yes,’ the greatest adventure, of your lifetime, upon Earth, begins, seriously.  And, you will be faced with obstacles, and challenges, which need to be met, and to be met with confidence, courage, and strength.  My promise to you is not that all things will be easy.  My promise to you is that you will have all you need to accomplish your mission.  It is the great adventure of your lifetime, upon Earth, and I will support you, all The Way through.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you say, ‘yes,’ and you rise-up to the occasion, to which you are called: you stand tall; you stand in The Light of God; you gather that which is around you, as directed, and move forward.  And your forward progress is watched, and marked, and made evident, as you go.  The Way you walk, as you undertake your mission, will sing-out, with the glory of your name.  And the path will be lined, with those, who wait, to give you encouragement, and support, as you make your way through every challenge, over every obstacle, through each situation, which could deter you.  Do not be dismayed.  Do not give-in to the feelings that you cannot continue, that you cannot do, that which you are meant to do, because you can do, what you are meant to do, within your destiny.  There will be those sent to rob you of The Glory, by undermining that which you are doing.  Do not allow it to be so.  At every time, at every turn, the courage, and strength, will be sent to you, so that you might continue through, and make your way, completing your destiny, and coming Home.