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December 6, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I come to you, and will always come to you, to speak to you, to touch you, but especially, when you are feeling down, or lost, or weary.  As I walked upon the Earth, I reached-out to gather those, who were in need, those who were down-trodden, and I do the same, in the present.  I reach-out to hold you, to touch you, to give you a message, to lift you up.                               


      “This might surprise you, when I say that, most individuals, most human beings, upon the Earth, reject The Call, and turn their head from The Whisper, because The Call, The Whisper, is asking something of them.  And often, that something, which is being asked of them, takes them out of the ways of the world, requiring that they use the ways of Heaven.  This, in itself, can be challenging, if you place great importance: on how the world sees you; on what your peers will say about you; on staying in the ‘good graces’ of this person, or a group of people.  But, when your intention is to follow through, with the mission you were sent to Earth to do, then something steps into place, something fits, just right, and you can barely explain it.  But, at that moment, when you answer The Call, and you say ‘yes,’ to what you are being asked to do, there seems to be an army, surrounding you, offering anything you need, to do that which you are meant to do, to accomplish that, which you are destined to do.

      “The promise is you will have everything you need.  So, saying, ‘yes,’ in answer to The Whisper of God, is just the beginning.  But you can be assured of one thing, if something is asked of you, you have already been prepared to do it.  I pause, because that needs to settle, into your thoughts.  There seems to be a mistake, floating around, that if God asks you to do something: you have to learn how to do it, first; you have to follow direction; you have to go here, or go there.  No.  If God asks you to do something, you are already prepared to do it.  What is required is for you to say, ‘yes,’ then to rise-up to it, to meet, and answer The Call, and then, stand in The Light of God, and look around, and embrace that which comes to you, so that you might use it for The Glory of God.  The challenge comes: when you meet an obstacle; when you face a challenge; when those around you speak harshly of what you are doing. Then, you must turn your head, on the ways of the world, and accomplish your goal, using The Ways of God. 

      “You have been given Gifts, and every Gift, you carry within you, that is ‘of Spirit,’ is a counter to any energy of darkness and shadow, which might assail you, as you complete your mission.  You have it all, but do not give-in to those voices, who tell you: you cannot do it; it cannot be done; it will never be accomplished.  Push them from you, lift your head, and move forward.  When you hear The Call, when you recognize The Whisper, when you say ‘yes,’ it has begun.”