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December 7, 2019



      You are living in an age that is inundated with information.  You can go to a computer, which is in a room in your house, or in your hand, or on your wrist, and ask a question and receive an answer.  Information at your fingertips.  But, the ability to get answers to your questions: has not calmed the fears, or the angry voices; has not dried the tears or healed the sick.  Often the information received is contradictory, and confusing.  It is all there for those who are seeking to get information.  But what has it done for the good of all humankind?  This information is pointless unless it is accompanied by kindness and compassion, by a willingness to be still and listen to others, to silence your own voice so others might speak.  Often, you have no idea where the information you received originated, but you know where I AM there is love, where I AM there is kindness, compassion, understanding.  Come and live where I AM.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, seek to be kind and loving.  Let this be the first you seek, then the information you gather will be seasoned well with this love and kindness.  The world does not need more information.  The world needs love.