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December 7, 2020


      If, there is something, some situation, or some person, you have not forgiven, do so without delay.  Begin the forgiving process, today.  Your unwillingness to forgive has imprisoned you.  You are not free.  Your refusal, to forgive, holds you in place, and denies you the full Earth experience, because every day, which begins and ends, without forgiveness, being mixed into that experience, impacts you, and those around you, greatly.  If you want to be free, free yourself with the act of forgiveness.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be mindful of what you think, and say, and do, and do not permit anger, frustration, or hatred, to become a part of you, so engrained within you, that it becomes a piece of you, that others see, and associate with you.  Today, do not permit the sun to set on an unforgiving heart.  Do not permit the agents of shadow and darkness to enslave you, one more day.  The key to your freedom does not lie with another, it rests in your hands, and in your heart, and your willingness to forgive.