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December 8, 2019



      When you believe something, that which you believe is real.  You hold onto your belief, because you know it is real for you.  Some of you are a step away from believing strongly, and you cling to hope.  When there is hope within you, the next step is stirring faith, which will move you to do great things, because great things have been done on your behalf.  The reality is you have done the great things.  All that is necessary is that you step into believing.  Believe.  Many of you hold a creed, or a statement of faith, close and dear to your heart.  And, in that statement of what you believe, you will find words similar to this:  I believe in the seen and the unseen.  This is a perfect time of year to sit with that statement of faith.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to believe that which you see: courageous acts, noble deeds.  They playout before you.  You see them; therefore, you know they exist.  They are real, they live, but the “unseen” is placed with the “seen” as important in what you believe.  The unseen comes to you in dreams.  The unseen comes to you in whispers within.  The unseen comes to you in flashes of visions.  Therefore, do not diminish the unseen.  Embrace and believe.