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December 8, 2020


      When the world buffets you, and assails you, you will find safe harbor in My arms, you will hear tender words from My lips, and you will know love from My heart.  I will not buffet, nor assail, you.  I will not speak harshly to you, nor push you from My sight.  I will not deny you My love, for you are My cherished child, and with Me you will find comfort.  When you are weary, there is no need to wander, in search of consolation, for I AM The Sacred Sanctuary, where you will always find solace, where you will always find peace, where you will always find healing.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Peace is but a prayer away.  Comfort is but a breath away.  Sanctuary is but a surrender away.  Love is but a whisper away.  Healing is but a brief journey away.  It is all yours, when you take the time, to travel within, and make your way to the core of your being, step into The Sacred Chamber, and sit with God.  It is all waiting for you to open, and embrace, The Gifts of God.