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December 9, 2019



      If you find yourself annoyed, or vexed, or angered by that which has occurred in the past, go fast, go quickly, seeking and giving forgiveness in all things, or you will spend your days languishing in the past, filled with frustration and annoyance.  This, My child, is a heavy chain to carry when you are meant to fly.  Therefore, forgiveness is the key, it is The Way to wisdom, and wisdom is The Way to joy and peace, for what wise man carries anger, what wise man carries grudges, what wise man is held prisoner in a cell to which he holds the key to his freedom?  Forgiveness is the key, and wisdom is the reward.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      It is sometimes easier to move about your day, pushing what is bothering you away, tucking it inside where there it will reside until it boils-over again, until there is abscess.  The wise man seeks forgiveness, and the wise man gives forgiveness, because in seeking you will find forgiveness, and in giving forgiveness you are rewarded with wisdom.