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February 1, 2019



God SpeaksAs you awaken, you begin to seek,
and the promise has been given to those
who seek, and the promise is that, that which
you seek,
you will find; and, it is in the seeking, that
you are led to The Divine,  and  your  awakening  becomes
The Way you live!  Once you have awakened, you cannot go back,
for the mysteries
call you forward, and you find, and the doors open wide,
and you begin to see; and, that which you see, you come to know, has been there,
with you, all along.  And The Holy Spirit says: Rise-up this day, and declare an intention.
It is good to declare an intention for every day, as you rise-up.  If the intention for your day
is peace, do not be distracted by chaos or confusion.  Hold peace within your heart; for,
must be bringers of peace for peace to be realized; and, those, who are the bringers of peace,
will not be distracted
by the chaos, they will not be pulled into the confusion, because they
sought peace, and they found peace; and, the door to peace was thrown
open wide;
and, they came to realize ~ the peace they desired ~ they carried, inside!