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February 1, 2020



      Do not hesitate to set yourself aside from others, for a while.  Do not ignore the prompting to be still and quiet.  Respond to The Whisper, calling you from within, and go.  Make the journey along the corridors of your sacred self and settle within the chamber where you will find God within you, where you will sit with God within you.  Tarry there a while, and listen; and, that which you need to know will be given to you.  Much growth takes place hidden from the world, and so too you shall grow every time you make the journey within; for My child, I will be waiting there for you.  I AM your Creator, I AM God, and I AM waiting for you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is much joy in the springtime when seeds are being sown beneath the soil, and plants are set in the rich garden.  There is celebration and anticipation for the growth that will come, and the growth that comes begins within the Earth, beneath the Earth, hidden from view, as the roots begin to move through the soil.  They are the impetus of growth; and, if the roots are not healthy, the plant will wither.  The roots begin the growth beneath the soil, but as the plant begins to grow the light from the sun encourages more until the plant is fulfilled and the garden is beautiful.  Go within and let your roots feel your soul.