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February 10, 2021



      You know Me, far better than you think you know Me.  For, I sent One to bring you messages, teachings, and guidance, thousands of years ago.  And, He walked amongst you, and He spoke with you, and He taught you how to live, within Heaven, while you walked upon the Earth.  When He spoke, He spoke My words.  When He performed miracles, He showed you The Ways of Heaven.  Many followed Him, as He: walked the streets of towns and cities; sat in vineyards, and fields, and orchards; climbed hillsides; went-out upon the waters.  Many heard Him, as He pronounced, that the words, He spoke, were not His words, but My words.  So, you see, you do know Me, far better than you think you do.  I created you, and gave you the gift of free will, so you might choose what you think, and say, and do.  In this creation you know The Benevolent Parent.  I sent The One to you with messages, teachings, and guidance, so you might have direction to assist you in the choices you make.  I poured-out, upon all flesh, The Holy Spirit, to counsel you, in The Ways of The Divine, so your choices and decisions would hold The Blessings and The Wisdom of Heaven.  And I created Earth, the ultimate expression of beauty, and the spirit of The Nurturing Mother, giving, sustaining, and nourishing life.  You know Me in My: Messenger, Teachings, Guidance, Words, Miracles, and your Gift of Life.  You know Me when you acknowledge, the beauty of nature, all around you.  You know Me when you are held, in awe and wonder, of Mother Earth.  You know Me when you are struck breathless, in awe and reverence, of star-filled skies, or the brilliance of the sun or the moon.  So, do not say that you do not know Me, for you do.  Now come, let us walk in The Garden of Earth, amongst the trees, in the meadows, over the land, and we will talk, and you will get to know Me, even better than you already do.

And The Holy Spirit says: