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February 11, 2020



      When you are in doubt, in a state of confusion, when frustration has moved into you, anger or hatred is squeezing your heart, or fear has tossed a mantle over you, whatever is challenging you this day, come and sit with Me, draw near to Me, let Me wrap My arms around you, for I will hold you until all has moved from you.  My child, I know your heart, and I know the troubles which besiege you; but, I also know the strength and the courage that is within you, because I made it so.  When the darkness comes it is often tempting to think that you cannot escape the shadows; but, that is not so.  You have everything within you to rise-up and let your light lead you out of the shadows and darkness back to balance and harmony, as it is meant to be.  Do not be afraid.  I know what you need, even before you know it, and I will give it to you.  It has been given to you.  It will always be given to you, because you carry it within.  One of the greatest secrets to knowing how to pray is to be quiet and still, so you can hear Me, and My whisper will bring you the answers you need, and be the guiding hand, which holds yours, as we make our way together through every challenge you will ever face.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be mindful of how you pray, understanding in every way, that God knows exactly what you need.  It is, as every good parent knows the needs of their child, The Great Parent, The Eternal Parent, also knows the needs of every child, and will provide it.  Look around and see what The Eternal Parent has provided for thee and live this day in gratitude for all that is yours.