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February 11, 2021



      Do not be swayed, by the ways of the world.  Do not blindly follow what others might be doing, or coercing you to do, for to do so, will shake your confidence, and leave you, in doubt.  Whenever you feel lost, or alone, be quick to go within, and there, in quiet, your encounter, with The Holy Spirit, will fill you with peace.  And as you listen, and absorb the guidance given, you will know The Way, as confidence becomes your staff, and The Wings of The Dove shall be at your feet, lifting you up, so you can pass through, whatever is challenging you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       In times of doubt, worry, or fear, do not permit yourself to be coerced into doing something you would not do, on your own, willingly, and with confidence.  Do not permit the promptings, and demands, of others, to malign you, in any way.  Let your first choice be a choice of Divine Guidance.  Go within, and do not tarry, vacillating between the ways of the world, and The Way of God.  Come, quickly, and hear that which I will speak unto thee, and My words will be as My wings, lifting you up, so you might see the path, set just for thee.  Come, and rest in Me.