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February 12, 2021



      My Love is constant with you.  No matter what you do, you cannot destroy My Love for you.  You can turn away, you can run away, but it will not change My Love for you.  But, come the day, when life upon Earth is through, I will see you coming, throw open the door, and proclaim you, as My child.  You will be washed in My Light.  The dirt and blood of Earth will mark you no more.  A body of light will replace the one that did bear the wounds, and scars of Earth.  You will be as the angels, as glorious as before, and you will remember, as you walk through the door.  Yes, you will remember, My Love for you, as you are welcomed Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Push through doubt and fear, and just for today, believe.  Believe God is Spirit, and God is Love.  Believe you come from God, carrying spiritual DNA, which marks you so.  Believe that, as God is Spirit and Love, you too are of The Spirit of God, and The Love of God.  As you believe, it is so.




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