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February 13, 2019






God SpeaksWhenever you are caught-up in a net of anger,
wanting more than anything to lash-out in anger,
wanting more than anything  to lash-out  in anger
about  what  another  has  done  to  you:  hold  your
tongue;  be still;  come,  sit with Me,  and we will talk;
and, I will tell you exactly how to handle every situat-
ion, with peace,
and in-grace;  and, when you rise-up,
you will know:  where to go; what to say; what to do;
and, the anger will have been taken from you!  And
The Holy Spirit says:  If you have issues tempting
you to anger, and frustration, go first to God
and sit with God; for, God will see your
heart, God knows your heart!  The
resolution,  reached in quiet,
with God will be exactly
what you should do,
and there will be
peace, all a-