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February 13, 2020



      I love you, and I want you to know, that as you draw nearer to Me, as you stay close to Me, you will not be afraid; for, you will feel My presence with you, you will know, wherever you go, God is there too, standing with you.  In the course of walking with Me, and talking with Me, and being so near to Me that you feel My presence with thee, you will come to understand the importance of not making other matters, issues, peoples, or things, more important than our relationship.  For, if you create an alter or a temple, and you place upon that alter that which is most important to you, you are showing what holds your heart.  Therefore, if you are consumed about the worries and concerns of monetary matters, it is possible for these concerns to drive a wedge between you and Me, and that is where you place your focus, on monetary concerns.  You might put a job upon that alter and find that it distracts your focus from Me to your job, your work.  You might put a relationship on that alter, then it is possible for that relationship to replace Me.  Think on these things today.  If you will stay close to Me, all things, which are meant to be, will come to thee.  I will be the center, holding all things together, and that which revolves around you, as you walk upon the Earth, will circle both of us; for we will stand together, in the center, and watch as it moves on, without fear.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have often heard it said not to put strange gods before The Creator of All Things.  These strange gods could very well be described as money, clothes, position in life, anything that distracts you from your connection with God, because with God all things are possible.  Without God, life can be challenging, disappointing, you can feel lost, and alone, you can know fear as your companion; but, with God, all things are possible, without fear.