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February 13, 2021



      There is a time to speak, and there is a time to be quiet.  There is a time for action, and there is a time to sit, in stillness.  There is a time to observe what is happening around you, carefully, so you might see, and know, without reservation.  There is a time to permit The Wisdom of Heaven to flow into you, so you might see, with Divine Light, that which is happening around thee.  No matter what time it might be for you, you must choose, that which you will do.  In that way, there is no blame on others, for whatever, you do, is your choosing.  The choices you make, the decisions you make, will be wiser, clearer, transparent, in every way, if you will sit with Me, and hear that which I say, to thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are times, when chaos, and confusion, reign, primarily, because everyone is willing to cast the blame on others.  The truth is you make a choice.  You cannot become angry, without choosing to be angry.  Remember that.  You cannot hate, another person, without choosing to hate, another person.  You cannot wear, the coat of fear, if you do not put it on yourself.  The time for realization is with you.  The time, for those of you who know, has come.  It is time to stand-up, and accept responsibility of that which you do, of your thoughts, of your words, without pointing the finger at everyone else.  Rise-up, today, and do not hesitate to say, clearly, that you did choose anger, but you will choose anger no more, that you did choose hatred, but you will choose hatred no more.  This is The Way of change.  Change does not come by one, pointing the finger at the other, the finger of blame at the other.  Change comes from within, when you are willing to rise-up, acknowledge your decisions, your choices, and declare, you will wage war, no more.