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February 14, 2020



    I wish for you to know the freedom that comes with addressing a task, which is yours to do, sooner rather than later, for each of you knows that there is something that you usually put-off, because you do not like to do it, because it is difficult to do.  Today, look around, pay attention.  What has been sitting, waiting?  Yes, it is waiting for you, and all these months it has been waiting, and there has been worry attached to this waiting.  You will soon find that addressing those things that come to you, that are bothersome to do, are best addressing immediately, so that you might relieve yourself of days, or weeks, or sometimes months, of knowing something has to be done, but putting it off.  This is carrying negative energy with you.  It is nagging at you.  It is bothering you.  And, what has taken months of worry can be addressed, usually, in a day or far less.  Today, look around, and if you only do one thing, do that one thing that has been sitting, waiting for your attention.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not fall to the temptation to look gloomy, or sad, or irritated, frustrated, even grumpy, or out-of-sorts, because a task has fallen to you, and it is yours to do.  Ignore the temptation to do this task, to complete this work, in negative energy, and put a smile on your face, sing a song.  Do anything that distracts you from being upset or irritated, however you approach your task is important, because that is the energy that will be held in the completion of the task.  So, when you have an opportunity to complete something, or to start something, to do a job, do it with the best energy possible.  And, while you are at it, why not bless it?