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February 14, 2021



      The creation of love is an experience beyond words.  There are no words adequate to describe the creation of love, within you.  It is just there, and it is all consuming, and good, and light.  And, when you sit, in the experience, of creating love, there is nothing else.  When you create love, and send it forth, from you, to another, you are giving all that can be given.  There is no power greater than love.  And, when you receive this gift of love, from another, your heart is filled.  Contentment cannot be described.  You need nothing else.  You are awash in love.  The creation of love, and the receiving of love, are experiences, which cannot be described, with words, because love is beyond words.  You are My creation of love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When a parent holds a child, in their arms, and looks down, upon the child, they are filled with love, a love they are creating, within.  And it is so powerful that tears roll down the face of the parent, sometimes dropping, sweetly, on the hand of the child.  There are no words to describe this creation of love, this feeling that envelopes the child, and the parent.  But, the child, receiving the creation of love, is bathed in its power, and knows love, and receives love, and is content, in love.