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February 14, 2021



      “I AM with you.  And with My greeting, I bless you with My peace, and My love.  I bring you peace and love, because they will bless your days, upon the Earth.  And you can pass peace, and love to others, and bless their days, upon the Earth.  I bring you peace.                                                     


      “Many of you say that love is the most powerful energy created.  And it is true.  One of the outward signs, of the power of love, is to see a physical change, in the body, of individuals, who are in love, in the energy of love, giving and receiving love.  It is the ultimate vitamin, the ultimate supplement to life, love.  It changes the way you walk.  It changes the way you dress.  It changes the way you talk.  It is that powerful.  And, it is obvious, you see it.  Oftentimes, you say to someone, ‘You look wonderful.  You must be in love.’  But the understanding, of the power of love, does not seem to go much farther than that.

      “Love is created within, and goes, hand-in-hand, with silence.  Within the depths of silence there is created the power of love.  To create love you must know what you are doing.  You do not accidentally stumble upon creating love.  You might create other things, that are, similar, to love, but the love, that is powerful enough to change all things, is created, from within, with intention, and purpose. 

      “God created you, in love.  The closest you can come, upon the Earth, to having a light understanding, of how much God loves you, is when you hold your child, in your arms, and gaze upon it, that child, that precious child, in your arms, knowing it came from you.  That, which is within you, is within that child.  And your love, is so strong, for that child, that tears flow easily.  Love escaping, from the physical body.  But when you are loving that child, so intently, gazing upon that child, so in love, with that child, that child is receiving the power, of the love you have created, within.  It is the first lesson(s) of love, for that child, the physical child.  It is the purest form of love, which you can encounter, upon Earth, because you ask nothing of that child.  You are content, in the giving, fully, of the love, you have created, within.  And the bond is unique because it is of love.

      “To create, this power of love, you must be still and quiet.  You must set yourself aside, and feel God’s love for you, within you.  And, when you feel, God’s love within you, that is the source of your creation.  You see, in this way, you are continuing God’s creation of love.  You carry a seed of it, and it is your opportunity to continue creation of it.  It is within you.  It is within each of you.  There is no one denied The Love of God.  But the truth, that you have the opportunity to continue the creation of God’s love, while you walk upon the Earth, does not break the surface of conversation, very often, if at all.

      “Today, ponder love, in a sacred way.  With intention, set yourself aside, and be still.  Feel The Love of God within you, and then, at that moment, of recognition, begin to continue God’s creation of love, by creating, from that which you have been given.  Create The Gift of Love, and let it flow from you.  When it is done, in this way, nothing is required.  You do not expect anything in return, because the wealth, the richness, the fullness, the divinity of it, the sacredness of it, is already with you, held within you, where you hold God’s creation of love.”