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February 15, 2020



      Let forgiveness well-up in your heart, pass over your lips, and flow-out to embrace all those around you.  Be quick to forgive, when it falls to you to forgive.  The act of forgiveness is never complete, for if you are trespassed against, in any way, forgiveness is the answer, it is the key.  Forgiveness resolves the offense, the trespass.  And so, if it is necessary for you to forgive once, it is necessary for you to forgive over-and-over again, without ceasing.  Do not ask, “How many times should I forgive this?”  You already know.  You must forgive, and forgive, until you are free.  Forgiveness is a gift, created by you.  Forgiveness is one of the treasures you can bring back Home with you.  It is something you have created out of nothing.  It is something you have created from a desire to heal, to heal all things – forgiveness.  Even when you are pressed, to the point of not wanting to forgive, one more time, stand-up, hold your shoulders back, lift your head, look up to the sky, and let the forgiveness begin in your heart.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There can never be enough forgiveness, true forgiveness.  Often you hear, “I forgive you.”  Often you say, “That is forgiven.  It is okay.”  But, until the wound does not sting, until you can think of that person with only love, until you can embrace those who once spit in your face, the forgiveness is not complete.  Therefore, create a prayer of forgiveness for yourself, so that you can visit that prayer often, so that you can speak that prayer frequently, so you can bless all trespasses and transgressions with the golden gift of forgiveness.