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February 15, 2021



      When you desire to make the world a better place, do not ignore the role that is already yours.  If you desire to take an active part, in making a change, for a better world, it is important for you to know, that the future of the world is sleeping in your nursery, playing in the backyard, eating at the kitchen table.  The opportunity to make a change, for a better world, is with you, within your family.  It is possible to attend lectures, meetings, and join clubs, and accomplish very little good, if any.  Use the opportunity, that is yours, right now, by being an example for your children, your entire family.  Be an example of moderation, charity, healthy living, forgiveness for all transgressions, without hesitation.  Be an example of speaking: love, in the face of hate; kindness, in the face of meanness; compassion, in the face of indifference; and understanding, in the face of apathy.  Be an example of listening, to what others say, with an open mind, and an open heart.  Live what you believe, within your family.  And when it is time, for your children, to walk out the door, they will take your example, and your words, with them, into tomorrow, creating a better world, for all people. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The path, leading to a better world, begins in the home.  Do not seek to make your voice heard, outside your family, outside your home, if you have not already established the center, for a better future, for all people, within your home.  Within your family, is where a better tomorrow begins.  Every time your children walk out the door, they take your example and words with them.  They carry what they learned, studied, observed, and absorbed, in your presence.  Do not seek, outside the home, neglecting the opportunity, within the home.  Teach what you believe will make a better world, a better life, for all people, in the only place where your words, and your actions, matter the most.  Do not ignore the opportunity with you, because your children are the future.