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February 15, 2022



      At the present time, you can speak, into a device, and make contact, with someone, on the other side of the world.  You can talk, and share ideas, in this way.  But to connect with Me, to talk, and speak, with Me, to share your ideas, with Me, there is no need to say anything.  A device is not required to make contact with Me.  The truth is, you do not have to say anything, at all.  Think of Me.  Fill your thought, with Me, and we will be together, closer than you can imagine, for I AM with you, and within you.  My Spirit is with you, and within you.  There is not one thought you have that I do not know.  Speak to Me, in your thought, and let it be so, that our union is long, and tender.  For, as you think of Me, the unspoken words, are more powerful than those, which you speak, because we have risen beyond the barrier of language.  We are speaking the heart language, that which comes from your soul, and your spirit.  And there is no boundary.  The result, of this unspoken conversation, is peace, wisdom, comfort, and it is always available.  No matter what time of day it might be, I AM there, with thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, you exclaim amazement, at what humankind has accomplished, in the form of communication, transportation, without giving much thought to the trans-dimensional communication, of making contact, with God, The Creator of All Things.  Today, take some time, to be still, and quiet, and then, in thoughtful conversation, speak with God, and listen, and you will know, The Ways of God.  And it is in this manner, that you will come to understand, The Ways of God, better.  And before long, you will be living, The Ways of God, because that is what is within you.  And you fuel it, and feed it, every time, you take the time, to be still, and speak with God.