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February 16, 2020


      Do not limit the gifts you have been given by entertaining the tempters of doubt, by permitting doubt to toss a shroud over your light.  My child, do not be less than you are, for your Brother was not lying to you when He said clearly not only that you could do all that He was doing, but that you could do even greater things.  Stop and think and allow the seed of hope in you, and the seed of faith in you, to sprout so that you might grow into believing these words.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Look around you, and it will be obvious.  There is a difference between hoping something is true, thinking something might be true, holding onto to a possibility that it could be true, and believing and knowing it is true.  There is work to do, to take your hope and place your faith in the garden of words left for you, a recording of the inspired things He did do, so that you too might walk the ways of God.