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February 16, 2020


      “I AM with you.  We greet, and the acknowledgement is sweet and tender.  Our companionship is treasured, and as we talk none-others are aware, because our meeting place is within you.  It is ours, and it is there we speak of things that will lift you up, encourage your journey, and support you, as you walk along The Way.


      “Faith can truly move mountains, and it is a powerful gift which, when well-used, will lead you to: believing fully, completely, without doubt or hesitation; stepping-off the cliff, without looking back, knowing that angels will hold you, and you shall not fall or stumble.

      “So many of you, My brothers and sisters, will make a statement of faith, and then go about your day.  Some of you will make a statement of faith, permit that seed of faith to bring forth believing, and you will believe fully; and, faith and belief will then, at that time, change the course of your life; and, every day will be a day of great importance, as you move through your journey, encountering those who are brought to you, blessing them all along The Way; faith. 

      “So many words were spoken as I walked upon the Earth.  Much guidance was given when clear direction was sought.  I did not hesitate to announce, to all who would hear, that you too can do these things. These great works you can do, and then give the glory to God, for how else will your brothers and sisters know God until they see God present in what you are doing? 

      “It seems to be a habit to move through your life knowing that other people are destined to do great things, and they will do it, and you will stand and applaud and cheer their efforts.  But it is you, you must grow believing from your faith.  If you have just a small amount of faith, you are going to be able to move mountains.  If those mountains are meant to be moved by you, they shall move, if you believe they will move.  That which comes to you is yours to do.  It is time to take the gift of your faith and let it grow.  Let it grow into believing all you know.  When you believe nothing can stop you, and you need to believe, because it is time for those who are called to rise-up and do, not watch others do, do.  It is you being called.  Listen to The Whisper within.  It is God saying, ‘Rise-up.  This is what you are to do.’  And, if you are ready, if you have been vigilant, if you are prepared, that belief, springing-forth from faith, will lead you all The Way, without doubt or hesitation.  God not only has a plan for you, God has prepared you for that plan.  You are the only you that will ever be.  Make this time upon Earth exciting by rising-up and stepping into your destiny, for soon the call to come Home will be heard by you, and it would be good to know in your heart, with your last breath upon the Earth, that you did do that which you were meant to do.  For, I tell you today, as I said thousands of years ago, you can do all that I did, and that I AM doing now, and you can do even greater things, but, they will not appear before you completed.  You must rise-up and accept the opportunity.  Let your faith lead you to believe the words you say and do even greater things, today.”