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February 16, 2021



      If you wish to hear My voice, be still.  If you wish to hear My words, be quiet.  If you wish to draw nearer to Me, to know My ways, and My love of thee, sit in silence.  For, the blasting of the trumpets, and the clanging of the bells, and the crashing of the cymbals, that you hear all around you, in the world created by man, do not hold My voice, My words, or My ways.  That cacophony does not, hold My presence, or know My love.  To know Me, you must take the path within, set yourself aside, disconnect from the racket, and the noise, of the world.  And, in this sacred stillness, you will feel My presence, with you.  And I will speak to you.  And you will remember My voice, for My children know Me.  And, while you have temporarily forgotten, My ways, I will remind you, so that you will remember, throughout all of your days, upon Earth, that I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible to be caught-up, in a crowd, moving one way, or the other, shouting-out one thing, or the other, and still feel disconnected.  You will not feel disconnected when you sit, in quiet, alone with God.  When you take the time, and make the effort, to set yourself aside, it is a step, toward God.  And God will not push you away, in your effort.  God will draw you, even nearer.  So, every effort you make, toward reconnecting with God, is a step, in the right direction.  To be at peace, you must turn from the ways of the world, and draw nearer to The Ways of God.