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February 17, 2021



      When you are reading something, to learn something, it is difficult to do, difficult to absorb, the new information, coming to you, from the pages of a book, if not impossible, when there is noise, distraction, people talking, doors closing, music playing.  You acknowledge this.  You learn better, you absorb the information, more completely, when you are in quiet, when you are studying, with no distraction, whatsoever.  My child, it is the same, when we are talking, when we are sharing, when we are communicating, with each other.  You cannot hear Me, fully, when there is distraction, all around you, when you are flooded with noise and chaos.  Just as it is necessary to find peace and quiet, when you are leaning something new, it is important to find peace and quiet, when I AM speaking to you, imparting The Wisdom of Heaven, to you.  Be still, be quiet, so you can hear Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is certainly a time, for dancing and song, for laughing with friends, for enjoying a party, together with family, and those you love.  But, in the midst of a party, you do not sit down, and read, a rather complicated book, trying to learn something new.  When it is a party, you join in the party.  There is a time for laughter.  There is a time for song and dance.  And this is true.  These are things to enjoy, fully, completely.  But, when there is time, for learning, for absorbing, what you are hearing, or reading, or even watching, it is the time for quiet, to be still, and embrace, that which is coming to you, so that you will know it.  Be still, for God is speaking.  Be quiet, so you will know it.


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