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February 18, 2019




God SpeaksResist
the temptation
to correct others, to criticize others,
to tell others that they should do this, or that.
These desires
are temptations, and definitely distractions,
keeping you from doing, that which is necessary within you!
Make all the corrections you need to make within you!  Reject
outright, “the temptation,” to make these changes in others!
Do not be distracted, from the work
there is to do, within
you; continue working, continue cleaning, continue
growing in My light.  Stand in My light; and,
My light will illumin
ate all
you need to know; and,
you grow in My light,
you will reach per
fection!  Once you
reach perfection, you
will no longer need
to correct others.  Wisdom, all wisdom is held
within, perfection.  And The Holy Spirit says: The
one who “knows,” is content to know, quietly!