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February 18, 2020



      Be mindful, be vigilant and careful, so that you do not go dancing in the fields of judgment.  Judgment is a very tricky energy and it tempts you, often; but, if you succumb to the temptation to judge, know this, My child, in judging another you are judging yourself, in placing judgment on another you are casting judgment upon yourself; and, so too it is measuring, for the measure of one thing, the measuring of another, is a measurement of yourself.  Therefore remember, and hold this to your heart, before you utter the words, or even before you think of the words.  I have not given judgment to you, because your eyes are cloudy, your ears cannot hear, your hands and feet often lead you into places of deceit.  So, let it be enough to keep yourself clean.  I have left judgment in the hands of the perfected one.  Leave it there, it is in His care, and lift yourself up with the forgiving prayer, for all that you have done, and do, and will do forever, I forgive you.  You are forgiven.  The act has already been done, so do not make The Way cloudy or murky.  This forgiveness is for everyone.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If there is work to be done, let this work be done within yourself.  What a noble way to live, making The Way: by perfecting yourself, every day; by creating more love from within yourself; by creating understanding; by creating compassion, more charity.  Do these things within yourself, for what you do for you, you do for others.  As you ponder these things today, you will find they all fall together when you believe that we are all one.


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