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February 19, 2019

God SpeaksStay
connected with Me,
so that I might love thee fully, with-
out impediments;  for,  there will be times
when I will whisper your name, and for those who
stay close to Me, they will recognize the whisper, and
they will listen; and, I will call them forth, and they will
rise-up; and, in that time of calling, there will come the
knowing; and, as you ascend, within My light, you will
see the unseen, you will know the unknown, you will
speak, and that which you speak will be the words
of Heaven; and, these words will not be words of
chaos or confusion, they will not bear the en-
ergies of anger or hatred, they will be the
words of one, of unity, of peace, of
compassion, of understand-
ing; and, as you rise-
up, all things will be made
clear to you, because you are
drawing nearer, and nearer, to Me.
The world around you might not under-
stand you, they might not see what you see,
or know what you know; but, you will be the ful-
fillment of the promise, held in the sacred book, in
old, and new, that there will come a time,  when all
will be taught by God; but, to be taught, you must
be willing to hear; to be taught, you must recog-
nize the teacher, and draw near.  And The Holy
Spirit says: Do not close your heart, be open,
for the time will come when you will hear
your name, or you will feel the call, or
you will know it is your time; and,
no matter what others are doing
around you: you will rise-up to
the call; you will rise-up and answer;
you will ascend in the light, and you will see!