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February 19, 2021



      Do not limit Me, to what you know.  Do not limit what I can do, to that which you think possible to do.  Nothing is impossible to Me, and that includes, guiding you, to do, the impossible, too.  I speak to each of you, every day, often asking that you do something, such as, love one another.  Then, there are times, when I speak to one, or more, of you, asking that you create something, that you build something, that you do something, which, in your mind, seems impossible to do.  Know this, I will not ask the impossible of you.  If you abide in Me, and stand in My light, I will show you The Way.  Then, that which was once impossible to do, will be done by Me, through you, for nothing is impossible to do.  I will speak, and your words will be My words.  I will move, and your ways will be My ways.  I will create, and your creation will be My creation, through you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Have faith, and let it shine, in all that you do, because the day will soon come when God asks something of you.  And, as you rise-up, and answer, “yes,” you will see the truth, appearing before you, as God does, that which you once thought impossible, through you.  God is speaking, listen, because God is speaking to you.  There is something to do, and if you believe, it shall be done, through you.