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February 2, 2020



      If today you find you are facing adversity, of any kind, be still, be quiet.  Come and sit with Me, and My love for thee will fill you with strength and courage enough to make it through.  And, once you are on the other side of adversity, and all is well within you, you will acknowledge that adversity brought you nearer to Me.  And, as you were nearer to Me, My love for you grew into you in a powerful way.  Love is the most powerful energy in eternity, in yesterday, tomorrow, and today.  Love will resolve all things.  Love will resolve any adversity.

And The Holy Spirit say:

      You find great comfort, sitting with those who love you, with those who love you enough to say, “We support you in whatever you must do.  We support you and we give you our love, unconditionally.”  When you come forth from such a gathering you feel prepared to face any adversity, because you have drawn strength and courage from the gift of love.

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