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February 2, 2020


      “I AM with you.  I reach-out to you to give you support, to provide comfort, no matter what you are facing today.  And, if this day brings to you cause for celebration, then I dance with you, I sing with you, I rejoice with you and in you, for the day has come for you to sing.  I bring you words from The Dimension of Perfection where all is as it should be.                                                                


      “Prayer is an interesting thing.  Most often prayer is a litany of things needed, requests to be answered, longings to be fulfilled.  And sometimes, the prayer is just beautiful communication, acknowledging God, being thankful for the gifts of each day, prayers of forgiveness citing how the lessons and importance of forgiveness have finally settled within you, and for this too, your prayer says, you are grateful.  But few begin a prayer with the understanding that this prayer is a powerful instrument of trans-dimensional communication, going from one dimension into The Dimension of Perfection.  And, when the response comes back, from The Dimension of Perfection, it holds wisdom, because you are getting answers from the eternal chest.  This treasure chest holds all of the past, all of the future, and all of the present.  Therefore, your answer is not limited to a precise time.  When you ask, and you receive an answer in prayer, it holds all time, all truth, all knowledge.  It is wisdom.  It is important to maintain this communication.

      “You are all used to hearing the word, ‘Heaven.’  Heaven means where it is all perfect, this place where it is as it is intended to be; but, it might be easier for you to understand, if you begin to see it as The Dimension of Perfection, where all beings residing therein are perfect.  They have reached the state of perfection, where there is no anger, no retaliation, no sadness or grief.  It is.  You see clearly.  There are no contradictions, no conflict.  But sometimes, the answers, received in prayer from this over-flowing chest of wisdom, seem too simple.  They are brief, not enough words, not complex enough to satisfy those seeking an answer to what they believe is a complicated situation.  And so, you turn to books, or movies, or lectures, or advice from friends, and family, and acquaintances to see how they would resolve your situation.  You have rejected the wisdom of eternity, seeking resolution in the ways of the world, which crumble and fall from day to day.

      “Every single situation can be resolved, using the energy of love.  Love is the only answer you need.  But, when it is given as the answer, it is rejected outright oftentimes, because there is no complete understanding of love upon the Earth.  You think you know what love is; but, until you know the ways of God, your understanding is limited.  Therefore, do not seek answers from those around you in the world, receive the answers from The Dimension of Perfection, and soon you will grow in your comprehension and definition of love. 

      “In an atmosphere and in an environment of love all things are possible, all things change.  You have evidence of the power of the energy of love all around you.  It is obvious when someone is ‘in love’ with another person.  In fact, in this state of love, their physical appearance is altered.  They are radiant, happy, beautiful, filled with energy.  You have seen it.  Love can alter the appearance, the physical appearance.  If you see this, in everyday occurrences, can you imagine what the ultimate form of love can accomplish when you are sitting with God and filled with the power of this love?  Imagine it.  It is important for you to believe in the power of love so that your next day, and your next day will be filled with excitement, so that you will be eager to experience the days that come to you, filled with love, because when you are filled with love, when you know someone loves you, you can do almost anything, because they have given you confidence, courage, strength through their support, through their loving support.  You see this every day in those around you.  It is also quite obvious when it is missing.

      “Now, I ask you today to permit God to love you in the eternal way.  Unconditional love is yours, and this love will support you, encourage you, strengthen you, so that you rise-up and walk through every adversity, confident that you will get to the other side, and you will do so, carrying the love of God.  The only way you will know it is to do it.  And, the only way you can do it is to accept it.  Accept the love of God today and watch the change in you impact others around you, for the good of all.”