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February 2, 2021



      When you are seeking, a deeper, more meaningful, relationship with Me, you must set aside all that you have read, and been taught, and assumed, about Me, and be still.  In the stillness, you will feel My presence, because I will not permit you to seek Me, and knock on the door, without opening the door, and welcoming you.  When you are still, you will feel Me, feel My presence with thee.  I AM in your breath.  Feel My presence with thee.  Go outside, and open your eyes, and look, and see.   For, you cannot look at the Earth, with the trees, and the flowers, and the grasses, the birds of the air, and the rabbits, and the ants, of the ground, you cannot see these things, without knowing Me.  To know Me, you must be still, and breathe, and walk in nature.  And there, you will find Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you begin the journey, seeking God, it becomes a more solitary walk, because it requires that you are still, and quiet.  And, once you have perfected, your ability, to be still, and quiet, then the very air around you changes.  You feel the slightest movement.  And in the seeking, of God, you begin to feel The Presence of God, in that slightest movement.  You will come to know God, as you come to know quiet, as you come to know nature, all around you.  This is first, in the knowing of God, to be still, to be quiet.