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February 20, 2020



      It truly is more important to be kind, loving, compassionate, and understanding than it is to “be right.”  Making your point, having the last word, being right is a practice which has slipped into mainstream amongst the human beings upon Earth.  And, this is a waste of energy, a waste of time.  Today, practice letting another stand in their statement.  Practice living your word.  Practice not confronting someone who has made a statement you believe is in error.  Let it be.  Far more is accomplished when others see the word living; it is more powerful than shouting the word or singing the word, living the word is.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Resist the temptation to continue an argument by insisting you have the last word.  This practice strings-out the flow of negative energy, and it is totally unnecessary, because it will accomplish nothing, except elevate negative energy all around you.  Let it be.  Allow another to stand in their statement, for that is what the world will see.  The world sees you standing in your statement.  What does the world see?  Today, stand in your statement and resist the temptation to argue, counter, or do anything but live the word.