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February 20, 2021



      It is important for you to understand, the important role you play in, the unfolding of the eternal present, with you.  Millions, and millions, of you, form a body, which has been given free will.  If you pause, to consider the power, of millions, and millions, of individuals, using their free will, you will soon see the importance of each identity, each piece of the human race.  To help you navigate, this sea of free will choices, made by billions, and billions, of people, you have, within you, The Holy Spirit, which I sent unto you.  And, when these seas, of free will choice, become turbulent, go within, and be still, and you will receive direction, on how to navigate, your way, across the sea, without being dumped into the sea.  So, you see, it is possible to give the gift of free will, but also give the gift of how you can navigate through the free will choices, made by others.  Pause, before you blame what happens on the choices of others, what you consider to be the trespassing of others, what you consider to be the lies and the deceit of others.  Pause, before you think that I have caused the turbulent seas.  Do not waste time on any of these excuses.  Go within.  Gather your guidance from The Spirit, The Holy Spirit, within you, and set your course, without fear.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, come with Me, and we will see, how you can master, the present piece of eternity, with you, making your way through any chaos and confusion, because I will guide you.  I was sent to guide each of you, from within.  No one around you knows what I AM telling you, how I AM guiding you.  The only way they know is to see you in action, to see you take the guidance given, and use it.  For it will work.  The seas will part, or the seas will calm.  The mountains will divide themselves, and create a road, for you to pass through.  All things are possible, if you follow that which I tell you, for I was sent to guide you, from within.