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February 21, 2019



God SpeaksResist the temptation to kick someone when they are down,
to heap criticism upon the fallen; for, this is not The Way.  When some-
one is having a difficult time, when the world would teach you to believe that
they are getting what they deserve, that they are getting
what is coming to them,
reject this thought, be still.  Forgiveness will be the hand, reaching-out to help them
rise, blessing will be as a warm blanket wrapped around them, so they might stand,
and walk again; and, when it is done, you will realize that acts of love and kind-
truly heal, no matter what the injury might be.  And The Holy Spirit
says: It is easy to turn your head
from one who has fallen, when
you believe they deserve  what they are getting,  when
that “what comes around goes around,”
settles within your heart; but, stop, and
see, that this is the opportunity
to assist, to bless, to love.
Let love flow from
you,  so  that
you prac-
tice The