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February 21, 2020



      Change the way you are thinking.  Change your thoughts so that they are more positive, so that they are filled with light.  Once you change your thoughts, to flow in a more positive way, your perspective is altered, in a good way.  And, once your perspective is altered, broadened, you are no longer limited by what you could see before.  Once you change your thoughts, and your perspective is broadened, you see, with clarity, that which you could not see before.  You understand, clearly, that which you could not understand before.  It all begins with a thought.  Clarity begins with a thought.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hold yourself in place, do not weigh yourself down, when it is meant for you to fly, to see all the beauty of Earth.  When your thoughts are heavy and dark, filled with shadows, doubt and worry, you are too heavy to fly, your thoughts are cramped, your perspective narrow.  Today, begin to see clearly with a thought, and monitor your thoughts through the day, so that you keep them clear.  And, once they are clear, the clarity you created within your thoughts will show you The Way to a beautiful new day.