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February 21, 2021



      If you ever find yourself, on a ledge, outside of a building, which is very tall, no matter what the situation might be, pay heed, as you escape through one window, attempting to reach safety, through another window.  Do not look down.  Do not look up.  Do not look around.  Keep your eyes focused, on the goal, and inch toward the window, through which you will find sanctuary.  Do not run.  Do not hurry, lest you stumble, and fall.  Move slowly, leaning against the wall, of the very tall building.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, during the course of your lifetime, upon Earth, you will feel as if you have been pushed out of a window, forced onto a ledge.  And, while these times can be unsettling, at best, there is always sanctuary.  Inch your way along the ledge, no matter how narrow it might be, and make your way to safety, one step at a time.