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February 21, 2021



      “I AM with you.  No matter where you find yourself, today, I AM with you, closer than a thought.  I AM with you, never far away.  Have faith, and believe this, so you are assured that you do not wander alone.  I AM with you.                                                       


      “There are times in your life, as you live upon the Earth, which seem extraordinary, in many ways.  Sometimes, the extraordinary is a pleasing experience.  But other times, these extraordinary occurrences are challenging, and trying, and push you to the limit, of what you believe you can endure.  And it is in these times, of endurance, that it is important to stay focused, much as a man on a ledge, of a very tall building. 

      “Let us say, a fire has erupted, in one apartment, and it is ablaze, and he escapes the fire, through a window; but finds himself, perched on a ledge, high above the cars, moving on the streets, and the people, walking on the sidewalks, below.  There comes the temptation to look down, to look up, to look around.  And even the thought of this stirs his stomach, his feet tingle with uncertainty.  He is safe from the fire, for a while, but now he finds himself in a precarious situation. 

      “Now, your precarious situation might not be as dangerous as the ledge of a very tall building.  But no matter, what the situation, the direction, is still the same.  Number one, call, My name.  Call the name of God.  Call for guidance, from The Holy Spirit.  Do not let this escape you, for We are with you.  Do not look out, or down, or up, into the world created by man, but hold yourself straight, and tall, and know that you are in The Hand of God.  Do not run, lest you fall.  Inch to safety, holding to the wall, of faith, and trust, believing, that if you stay focused, on the goal, you will make it through.

      “You will walk the ledge to safety.  You will swim the river to safety.  You will cross the desert to safety.  You will make it through, as long as you know, We are with you, and you will not fail.  But do not be distracted, from The Voice of God.  Set your course.  Do not run.  Slowly walk toward the goal, and the safety of the window, just ahead, and you will make it through.  And your precarious situation, will then be reduced to a story, that you tell others, a story, in which you encourage others to know, God is with you, all The Way through.”