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February 22, 2019



God SpeaksDo
not im-
pose your will
on another.  Do not
demand that, that which you
believe, be believed by another.  Let the
“knowing,” you receive from The Holy Spirit: fill you
with light; fill you with confidence, and courage, and strength;
and, in that way, you will live, that which you believe, making it
more palatable for others, when they are in opposition.  There
is no need  to engage in arguments,  there is no need
to be con
tentious;  yet, there is great need, for
those who have accepted,
and believe
the  ways  taught  by  The  Holy
Spirit,  to live,  that,  which
you know!  And The
Holy Spirit says:
When you are
filled with
wisdom, and
light, others see it,
without a word, and they
understand it, by watching what
you do.  Be at peace, in the confidence
you gain, by being led by The Whisper of God!