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February 22, 2021



      I wish for you to try something new.  It is normal to speak of accomplishments, success, to celebrate all that you have done.  But there is less talk, about the journey to success.  The pathway to accomplishment is created by missteps, falls, and times when you felt alone.  Share the story of your adventures, along the path, to success.  Speak, eagerly, about the times you slipped, stumbled, or misspoke.  Speak, with enthusiasm, about the times you rose-up, dusted yourself off, and whistled a tune, when no one walked with you.  And then, as a redemptive ending, to the story told, talk about the quiet times, the going within, the seeking, and the finding, of treasure, more valuable than gold.  Speak of how I answered your prayer, in a whisper, just for you.  Speak of the example, Jesus set for you, so humble in its being, so noble in its truth.  Speak of being lifted-up, upon The Wings of The Holy Spirit, soaring over troubled waters, on The Way to success.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Success does not look the same for everyone.  Each of you are meant to accomplish something, and that something could have a different name, for each of you.  So, the final success, the final accomplishment, might not be a match for everyone, might not be helpful.  But what is helpful, for everyone, is the story, of the journey, to the success.  Share yours, because the path to success, the trials, and challenges, along The Way, are similar, no matter what the ultimate success might be.  Each one can learn from what the other has overcome, along the path to success.  So, speak of the times when you were down, and that prayer to God was answered, and you found a way.  Speak of the times you felt rejected, and Jesus said, “Come, I will show you The Way.”  Speak of the times, when you were so tired, and weary.  Talk about your conversations with Me.  Talk about your spiritual journey, and many will listen, because they too are stumbling along The Way.  The story, of your spiritual journey, could be the impetus, the flicker for the flame, the encouragement needed, for each one listening, to be able to say, “I see The Light.  I know The Way.”