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February 23, 2020



      There is no need for you to be lost, wandering in shadow and darkness, calling-out, because you do not know The Way.  There is no need, because you have already been sent all the answers you need.  The Messenger came.  The Messiah delivered.  Listen to the words which are still ringing, waiting for any who are willing to hear and follow.  You have the answers, live them.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Over two thousand years ago a Messiah was sent to show The Way.  And, The Messiah did show The Way, did leave the words, echoing through the corridors of time.  The words were pronounced clearly.  The words were pronounced distinctly.  They were a clear map to lead you Home, to set you apart, so that others might see and know The Glory of God in you.  When you stumble and fall, they see another fellow human being.  When you rise-up, they know The Glory of God by seeing.