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February 23, 2021



      When you are out in nature, walking across a meadow, paddling in a river, standing on a mountain, or even playing, in the ocean, it is easy for you: to look-up, at the great expanse, of the sky, above you; to look-out, at rolling hills, spread below you; to watch the waves, as they crash upon the beach; to delight, in the brilliant sun, and the tender moon.  Each one, the great and small, the deep and wide, the delicate and powerful, brings you to a state of wonder and awe, observing the glory of it all.  One day, as you struggle to find words to describe the wonder, all around you, remember this.  I see all this wonder in you.  This is how I see you!  I see you as majestic as the mountain, as playful as the dancing waves, as abiding as the gentle rivers, as brimming with life as endless meadows.  I see the glory of you, as you see the glory, in the sunrise and the sunset.  I see the delicate, sweetness of you, as you cradle, the tender wildflower, in the palm of your hand.  All this, I see, in you. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you stand in wonder and awe, of all of God’s great creation, around you, remember, how you see the glory, is how God sees the glory in you.  The Glory of God is within you.